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MOFAD @ Night: The Spirit of Peru Through Pisco (21+)

  • Museum of Food and Drink 62 Bayard Street Brooklyn, NY, 11222 United States (map)

Every year, at the beginning of February, Peru celebrates its most famous cocktail: the Pisco Sour. The drink is so important and popular that the holiday is nationally recognized!

The oldest distilled spirit in the Americas, pisco is produced from eight different grapes, four aromatic and four non-aromatic, then aged in clear vessels so that no other flavor interferes.

Discover centuries of Peruvian history and traditions by tasting the most celebrated pisco cocktail, learn the difference between Pisco Puro, Acholado, and Mosto Verde, and taste Peruvian specialties, such as quinoa, ceviche, and causa.

Doors open at 6:00 pm. Last call at 8:00 pm. Tickets include admission to Chow: Making the Chinese American Restaurant, 2 drinks provided by 1615 Quebranta, Pisco Caravedo, and Pisco 100, bites from Pollo D’Oro, and a raffle ticket toward Peruvian items obtained by The Trade Commission of Peru. We cannot accommodate dietary restrictions or allergies.

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The Trade Commission of Peru in New York is the commercial office of the Peruvian government in the USA. The primary role is to facilitate introductions and initiatives between Peruvian exporters and American companies in various segments of the market including manufacturing, fashion, food as well as tourism and investments. They also help Peruvian products enter the American market by aiding companies with branding and promotion.



Nestled in the Ica Valley of Peru amidst the foothills of the Andes lies the oldest distillery in the Americas. From this special place — called Hacienda La Caravedo— we bring you the finest expression of our country’s national spirit.

Handcrafted by skilled artisans from specific state-grown grapes, Caravedo Mosto Verde is a blend of four grapes varietals with is uniquely distilled-to-proof in small batches to capture an incredible character, complexity, and smoothness. Savor it straight to best appreciate its fine character. Serve it mixed for a truly new cocktail experience.



Pisco 100 is more than just a fine spirit distilled from select grapes. It’s an exciting, delicious part of worldly, gracious living. It’s a celebration of the good life, of style, sophistication, and good taste. As a versatile and exhilarating substitute for less exciting spirits in many of the world’s best-loved aperitifs and cocktails, A Pisco 100 cocktail can be enjoyed anytime.

Pisco 100 Acholado is a translucent Peruvian spirit made from the fresh “wine mist “ of expertly-blended Quebranta, Torontel and Italian grape varietals from the Ica region near the city of Ica and the port of Pisco. It requires an average of 8 kilos (18 pounds) of grapes to produce just one litter of Pisco 100.

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1615 Quebranta Pisco is distilled from fresh, recently-fermented wine, and made from the best, local Quebranta grapes.No other ingredients are added, as the grapes have a high sugar content and sufficient natural yeast. This unadulterated spirit exudes the flavors of freshly-cut fruit and its smooth taste makes for an excellent Pisco Sour.

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Located in downtown Brooklyn, Pollo D'Oro restaurant offers diners the opportunity to experience Peruvian culinary specialties in a casual setting. We serve the best and freshest classics of Peru with a sophisticated twist. Open for, lunch, dinner, and brunch on Sundays; Pollo D'Oro's signature rotisserie chicken and Pisco Sour are not to be missed.