Past Exhibitions


Knights of the raj nyc

Knights of the Raj NYC was immersive after-hours exhibition and dining experience that captured the struggles and stories behind the people who brought curry to New York City restaurants. Visitors experienced South Asian flavors while absorbing the deeply personal narratives that led Bengali migrants to New York.


Feasts and festivals

Feasts and Festivals debuted never-before-exhibited professional photographs of annual festivities, religious rituals, and special occasions from the SAVEUR archives. The accompanying program series featured talks, demos, and special events.


Flavor: Making it and Faking it

Flavor: Making It and Faking It was the debut exhibition at MOFAD Lab. Flavor was a tasting and smelling adventure that provoked the senses, revealed a critically important part of the food industry, and raised questions about what "natural" and "artificial" really mean.


boom! the puffing gun and the rise of cereal

The puffing gun was the workhorse of the breakfast cereal industry during the first half of the 20th century and made cereals like Cheerios and Kix. We turned a functioning, custom-made puffing gun into MOFAD's first mobile food education experience