Chinese Americans were once told they did not belong in the United States. They went on to create one of the country's most beloved cuisines.

Chow: Making the Chinese American Restaurant celebrates the birth and evolution of Chinese American restaurants, tracing their nearly 170-year history and sparking conversation about food culture, immigration, and what it means to be American. 


Exhibition Highlights

Menu Timeline

Immerse yourself in a stunning timeline of Chinese American restaurant menus dating back to 1910. Beautifully designed and lovingly curated by MOFAD, these artifacts show the evolution of the cuisine, decade by decade.

Chow Culinary Studio

Enjoy tastings created by the country's most talented Chinese American chefs, including Doron Wong (Northern Tiger), Jonathan Wu (Fung Tu), Jeremiah Stone (Contra/Wildair), Irene Li (Mei Mei), Chris Cheung (East Wind Snack Shop), and Lee Anne Wong (Koko Head Cafe). Each month, MOFAD will feature a different tasting:

  • November: Homestyle Mushrooms with Country Ham, Chef Doron Wong (Northern Tiger)
  • December: Honey Walnut Shrimp, Chef Jonathan Wu (Fung Tu)
  • January: Five Pepper Kung Pao Chicken, Chef Irene Li (Mei Mei Restaurant / Mei Mei Street Kitchen)
  • February: Tofu with Crab Sauce, Chef Jeremiah Stone (Contra / Wildair)
  • March: Peking Pork with Sweet and Sour Glaze, Chef Chris Cheung (East Wind Snack Shop)
  • April: Beef and Black Pepper Dumplings, Chef Lee Anne Wong (Koko Head Cafe)
  • May: Beef with Shiitake, Tomato, and Basil, Chef Thomas Chen (Tuome)

Project Fortune

MOFAD is collecting messages of goodwill from people around the world, and putting them into a continuously operating 1,500-pound fortune cookie machine. At Chow, crack open a freshly baked cookie to reveal a fortune written by a stranger. Think: message in a bottle, with a cookie as the medium. Visit or tweet @mofad with #projectfortune to submit your own message to Project Fortune.