Food is culture. Discover why at the Museum of Food and Drink.

MOFAD is a new kind of museum that brings the world of food to life with exhibits you can taste, touch, and smell. We inspire public curiosity about food, what it means, and how it connects with the world around us. Watch the video:

Our goal is to be the world’s premier food museum and a global educational resource that inspires generations of curious eaters of all ages and backgrounds.

Join the effort by donating, joining, or volunteering.


The museum currently operates MOFAD Lab, a 5,000-square-foot experimental space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn where Chow: Making the Chinese American Restaurant is currently on show.


Educate the public and encourage an appreciation of culinary history and anthropology.

Inspire a new generation of informed consumers, chefs, food educators, and producers.

Connect people to what they eat by explaining food production and distribution.

Preserve an appreciation and understanding of lost and endangered regional cuisines and culinary arts.

Create solutions to the food challenges of the 21st century by serving as a center for innovation.


Everyone eats. People of all ages and backgrounds, from picky and apathetic eaters to gastronomes and food lovers, should care about food.

Informed eaters are better eaters. They make better choices for their taste buds, health, community, and environment.

Food is culture. It is more than simply what is on our plates: it is a common denominator of human relationships.

Food is personal. People should be approached with a non-judgmental attitude about their diet.

Food is participatory. To best learn about food, you must taste, smell, and think.

Food is fun. A positive, non-fear-based outlook is the best way to approach food education.