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MOFAD @ Night: Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival (21+)

  • Museum of Food and Drink 62 Bayard Street Brooklyn, NY, 11222 United States (map)

Join MOFAD, Ming River, and Junzi Kitchen to taste, experience, and celebrate the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival! Held each year on the full moon of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, the Mid-Autumn Festival celebrates the bounties of the harvest and reunion of families.

In ancient times it was common to make offerings to the moon, the most important of which was the alcohol offering. In some parts of China and Vietnam, a ritual is made of drinking alcohol while gazing at the moon.

Come enjoy baijiu and bites under the moonlight while reciting Li Bai's classic, "Drinking Alone by Moonlight." 

Doors open at 6:00 pm. Last call at 7:45 pm. Tickets include admission to Chow: Making the Chinese American Restaurant, 2 drinks from Ming River, and bites from Junzi Kitchen's late night menu, soon to launch at their Greenwich Village location.



Ming River is the original Sichuan baijiu. Crafted by Luzhou Laojiao, China’s oldest continuously operating distillery since 1573, it uses time honored traditional methods passed from master to apprentice over 24 generations. Each batch starts with locally harvested red sorghum grain and the purest waters from protected wells. It is fermented in earthen pits with naturally harvested yeast cultures native to the lush river town of Luzhou that impart the distinctive terroir of Sichuan style baijiu. After two months the mash is unearthed and distilled in small batches using a traditional Chinese pot still. The spirits age for up to two years before a master blender balances them into Ming River’s distinctive flavor. The result is an uncompromisingly bold spirit with notes of pineapple and anise followed by a long mellow finish.

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Junzi (君子) is an idea. In Chinese, junzi refers to a person of honesty, empathy, and curiosity. For us, striving to be a junzi is the guiding principle for everything we do: from how we make our food to how we relate to the world. At junzi, we combine Chinese culinary traditions with new ideas. And in doing so, we foster long-lasting relationships between people and cultures. Before starting junzi at Yale in 2015, there came a point where we found ourselves missing the everyday flavors of Northern China. And we thought, why not bring these flavors to everyone? Almost three years later, junzi has three locations and we are busy building more. Visit us at Greenwich Village, Morningside Heights, and Bryant Park in the fall, or come by New Haven where it all began.